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Perhaps you are wondering how to give your life extra meaning, a new impetus. Maybe you feel this inner call to revisit your personal history to integrate certain elements better. Perhaps you yearn for greater intimacy with your inner self and emotions, access your deepest desires, and discover and connect with who you really are. Maybe you are driven or animated by this subtle but haunting desire to lift a corner of the veil of existence, to approach the Mystery, to develop a spirituality that is unique to you, supports you in your daily life, and gives you access to a new depth of life. You may also be going through a challenging time now: illness, anxiety, and personal crisis. All your certainties are shaken, and you wonder if you can weather this storm.


I know what it is. I have spent my life looking for ways to know myself better and integrate and overcome the traumas and toxic conditioning of the environment in which I grew up. Spirituality has always fascinated me, and I never stopped exploring the paths of the Mystery and listening to the various traditions, religions, and experiences that could help me. I also knew the ordeal, the loss of meaning, the despair, the terror of life which threatens to be brutally interrupted in suffering, the feeling that everything is going to collapse without any possible remedy: divorce, questioning of all the foundations of my life, cancer, amputation of my leg. I went through those horrible times and got over them. I dare to say that, despite and through all this, I grew up and discovered an intense passion for life and a renewed spirituality. I learned lessons there that I yearn to pass on to others. I have trained extensively in the most effective, modern, and varied counseling techniques (see my bio to learn more). I have had the privilege of accompanying many people who were going through their trials throughout my professional and personal life.


I know that there are no easy answers or miracle cures. I understand that life is challenging and sometimes tragic. I also know that every one of us carries deep within him and her resources that can make the difference between despair and appeasement, even amid seemingly hopeless situations, even in pain.


Our society and upbringing too often condition us to have a conflictual relationship with ourselves: we fight our emotions when they trouble us and seem negative to us. We want to control our thoughts to express only those which seem helpful to us. We treat our bodies hard to be productive and efficient. We try to hide our weaknesses and wounds from others and ourselves.

But when we ask ourselves these questions related to the meaning of life, when we become aware of our inner wounds and toxic conditionings, it doesn't work anymore. Much more when we yearn, even confusedly, for more freedom, more life, or when unexpected circumstances make everything seems to be falling apart in us or around us. We have to find another way. We must learn to treat ourselves gently and reconcile with ourselves, our past, our emotions, and our life. We must seek answers. Find the paths to more freedom and more awareness. To discover new resources, ways of leading our lives, and perhaps the support that a healthy and free spirituality can give us. On this path, I will accompany you to help you find your inner resources, your answers, your way of facing what you face, and, if you wish, to build or deepen a spirituality that is your own and helps you to live better.

Don't wait. Take care of yourself now.

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