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What motivates me to talk about spirituality is rooted in an intense spiritual experience that took me by surprise at the time of the health problems that threatened my survival a few years ago. This experience opened the door for me to an amazing space of peace, trust, and connection with the love and benevolence of the universe beyond beliefs and religions. That allowed me to go through the worst ordeal of my existence and continues today to unfold and animate me in an intense and gratifying inner quest.

This experience has transformed my practice and teaching of meditation, as well as my way of accompanying people, individually and in groups.

I am convinced, as never before, that the spiritual dimension can give us access to resources of meaning, joy, and vital energy and transform our lives into an exciting adventure, despite and with all the ups and downs, trials, and obstacles that are inevitably part of it.

I wrote a book from this experience: “Toxic Jesus, Overcoming Spiritual Abuse and Religious Trauma.”


And, of course, if you feel that the time has come for you to improve and revisit your spiritual history, I can offer you individual counseling sessions.


Here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Face the shame and guilt implanted by your conditioning and your education and free yourself from them

  • Regain confidence in your intuition by recalibrating your inner compass and learning to perceive its messages, to better steer the boat of your life

  • Identify toxic messages that hinder your relationship with yourself, with others, with reality, and with the spiritual dimension

  • Recover all the vital energy and joy to which you are entitled and which have their source in a full connection with yourselves, with your inner world, and with a healthy and free spirituality

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