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‘JESUS TOXIQUE, surmonter labus spirituel et le traumatisme religieux’

par Marc-Henri Sandoz Paradella


Parution le 26 janvier en coédition par les éditions Olivétan et les éditions Ouverture.


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MARC-HENRI SANDOZ PARADELLA, therapist and spiritual mentor, writer, theologist, sociologist, former pastor who freed myself from religion


I work with you in the following situations


... quest for meaning and spirituality,


... emotional healing,


... need to mobilize your resources and access your resilience capacities,


... desire better to integrate elements of your personal or family history,

... existential crisis and painful and destabilizing moments of your life,

... chronic disease, disabling disease, cancer.


My work with you is nourished not only by my theoretical and practical training and my 30 years of experience in counseling but also from my own life experience and, in particular, from my confrontation with illness and the hardships of life.


My perspective is resolutely integrative: integrating the physical, psychological and spiritual, integrating all experiences lived in existence. 

Présentation de mon activité de

mentor et de thérapeute


Online or face-to-face sessions, number and pace of sessions to be agreed upon according to your needs.


Use different techniques: meeting inner children, welcoming emotions, therapeutic meditation, active imagination, shadow work, and hypnotherapy.


Learn how to use meditation techniques from a therapeutic perspective: to improve your quality of life, nourish your development process, support individual therapeutic work, better manage daily stress, better integrate painful memories and emotions, better know you, and treat you better. (workshops in french)


Online lessons every fortnight on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Learn to meditate or deepen your meditation experience. Discover different techniques and build your own practice with the support and encouragement of an experienced teacher. Experience the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra at the end of each session. (Lessons in french)


If you grew up in a spiritually toxic environment like a conservative or extremist religious movement, maybe you need help dealing with the hurts and blockages it has caused within you. Do not wait any longer to take the path of greater freedom and inner peace.


Sometimes we need timely advice, to see a situation in a new light, to receive help with decision making. By reading the Tarot for you, I hold up a mirror to you and help you better understand what is at stake for you and connect with your intuition.

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