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Healthy spirituality is all about grace

Updated: May 8, 2021

Grace and connection to the Great Mystery

Do you yearn for a deeper connection with yourself? For a free access to grace and to a joyful and life sustaining spiritual practice? For more self-trust and self-esteem, free of guilt and shame? And this with total respect of who you are and of your freedom.

It has always been my longing, since childhood.

One obstacle is that I've been raised in a conservative (and dysfunctional) evangelical family:

  • No place for doubt and questions.

  • No room for emotions, especially these labelled as « bad » like sadness and anger.

  • Defiance for people of other beliefs.

  • Guilt and shame ever present.

  • God presented in an ambivalent way, loving but in the same time condemning.

Finding my way to grace and to a healthy and free spirituality has been a long and difficult journey. But I learned precious lessons, lived beautiful spiritual experiences, and accessed to a deep and beautiful connection with life, with myself and with the Great Mystery that lies beyond everything.

This is my life's journey. This is what gives juice and joy to my days. Grace is present, even in the core of the darkest or most difficult moments.

And this is what healthy spirituality is all about.

It should be the common treasure of all humanity, whatever one's religion or absence of. There is a longing for that dimension in the core of every human being, and this longing can be met and satisfied. Healing and opening to it is possible.

To go deeper into this subject, watch these two ressources:

- My book about toxic spirituality: ‘Toxic Jesus, my journey from holy shit to spiritual healing'

- My online course: ‘Heal Your Spiritual Life'

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