Marc-Henri Sandoz Paradella

Sharing grace and healing

I help spiritual seekers to clear and detoxify their spiritual life, so that they gain a better access to their own truth, to their intuition and to their life purpose.

  • Joy

  • Connection

  • Grace

  • Freedom

  • Clarity

  • Peace of mind

  • Sense of purpose

  • Amazement

  • Access to your own truth

Spirituality should be about it. And yet it is so often mixed with guilt, shame, judgment, fatalism.

Maybe, like me, you have been confronted since childhood with forms of toxic spirituality. If it's the case, it's of utmost importance that you find your way to outgrow such harmful experiences. You can heal and reclaim the joy, vitality, freedom and depth of healthy and authentic spiritual experience you deserve.

Because of my own experience, I'm deeply committed to share encouragement, education and healing tools to help you on this path.

I'm a spiritual counsellor and teacher. I'm passionate to share the grace and healing I've received. They made me a better man, more aware of the beauty of life, more loving and more connected with the grace that is at the core of reality.

Here are some ways for me to share it with you:

"Spiritual detox"


Free e-book

Discover why toxic spirituality is a topic that every spiritual seeker should adress NOW!

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"Heal your spiritual life":


a 4 weeks online healing course to clear and detoxify your spiritual life.

Next session: February 2020


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Spiritual and pastoral counseling:


I've been pastor during 15 years before to quit in order to find my way to my own truth, I'm trained in counseling and integral therapy, meditation and yoga teacher.


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Grace and healing are for you too, whatever your religion and beliefs (or absence of), and whatever your biography. I sincerely hope that will help you to dig deeper and find more clarity, healing and access to your own truth.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any comment, reaction, insight, question. I will be very happy and interested to read it and to begin a conversation with you. 

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