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I am especially susceptible to toxic spirituality and spiritual abuse because of my background: we underestimate the harm this causes to those exposed to it. If you have experienced some form of spiritual abuse or grown up in a spiritually toxic environment, such as a conservative or extremist sect, church, or religious movement, do not wait any longer. Deal with the injuries and traumas you have endured. Come and discover your resources to understand and overcome toxic spirituality and its impact on you.


Here are some resources to help you on your journey to awareness and healing:


I wrote a book on this subject (in English, soon to be published in French): "Toxic Jesus, a journey from holy shit to spiritual healing."


I have also created an online course that will help you revisit your spiritual history, recognize the presence and impact of toxic spirituality: "Heal Your Spiritual Life."


Also, read this blog post about toxic spirituality.


Download "Spiritual Detox": a free e-book that will help you better understand what toxic spirituality is and how it can manifest in every religion and religious movement.

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