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By Marc-Henri Sandoz Paradella

Foreword by Sianna Sherman


Paperback and e-book already available on Amazon,

Published by Apocryphile Press, California

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In your experience, are religion and spirituality words associated with guilt, shame and abuse? Uncover the dark power of toxic spirituality and its lingering influence on your life… and learn how to heal from it and access a new intimacy with yourself and a renewed, free and life-sustaining spirituality.

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  • Interview by Unchurchable Podcast: to be released soon

  • About fear, growing up and spiritual abuse, interview by Xara Black for Ignite Your Light Podcast: click here to watch

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Raised in a strict fundamentalist family, Marc-Henri Sandoz Paradella studied theology in Geneva and then worked as a successful pastor in an evangelical church. After 15 years of pursuing this life mission, he came to realize the narrow-mindedness of his faith and the sufferings and frailties that were hidden behind the cover of religion. Then he decided to resign. However, it was only years later, as a result of dramatic life circumstances, that he became fully aware of the hidden dynamics of toxic spirituality that were still poisoning him from the inside. He shares his experiences with you, and describes how they became the portal to a deep inner healing and a renewed spiritual experience. 

Toxic Jesus is a thought-provoking book rooted in the author’s deep personal experience. It shows how every religion can become toxic and promote shame, guilt and repression. It exposes how the poison of toxic spirituality hides behind religious façades and affects every person exposed to it. Finally, it guides you through the path of recovering from the damages caused by toxic spirituality.


Through this book, you will discover:

  • How to discern and address the influence of toxic spirituality on your life

  • How toxic spirituality is affecting your connection with yourself, with others and with reality

  • How to create a more intimate and tender relationship with yourself

  • How to regain full access to your intuition, strengthen your self-confidence and experience renewed life energy

  • How to build a free and non-religious spiritual experience that provides you resources with which to face the challenges of life, rest and peace even in the midst of difficult circumstances and a sense of purpose rooted in your innermost being


Toxic Jesus is maybe the eye-opener you need to reconsider your spiritual history. It will help you to transmute the poison of toxic spirituality into healing and growth. If you like deep thoughts expressed in simple words and rooted in life experience, then you’ll love this book.


Buy Toxic Jesus today and open your life to a new phase of integration and awareness

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